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(8) Channels of Compressor (BSS, Drawmer, or equiv.) (3) Stereo Digital Reverb Units (TC Electronic, Yamaha, Lexicon PCM 90) (1) Digital Delay Unit capable of 1500ms (TC Electronic, Yamaha SPX 900 or 1000) (1) CD Player
Monitor Consoles:
Midas XLR 250 or 3,Yamaha 400 or 3000, Soundcraft SM 24
1. Monitor system must be “rung-out” before ARTISTʼs arrival. 2. Monitor console must have a minimum of thirty-two (32) inputs, eight (8) mix outputs, and one (1) cue wedge output. 3. All inputs will match FOH input list, and will include a talkback mic line from front of house. 4. Each input channel EQ section must have a full-range high pass filter and 4-band EQ with two (2) sweepable mid-band controls. 5. There is to be one (1) 31-band, 1/3 octave equalizer dedicated for each mix, routed thru the insert point of each mix output. 6. There MUST be adequate lighting for console, processing, EQʼs, and effect racks.
This Artist Rider Agreement Pack is an integral part of the entire PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT. No changes can be made without the prior written consent of the ARTIST. Change request must be submitted in a timely manner. Please initial the bottom right corner of each page to indicate that this rider has been read, understood, and accepted.